Anil Kumar

Aruna Mehendale

Avinash Desai

Gandam Jayakar

Jagannadharao Divvela

Jowher Khaleel

Kantilal Shah

Mario Demeireles

Narayan Verma

Neelam Verma

Prabha Mohta

Ratna Zampani

Saroja Jayakar

Suchitra Zambare

Sunil Rao

Valal George


I am a graduate of Kempegowda Institute of Medical Science, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

I completed my Internal Medicine Residency at Henry Ford Hospital in 2003 and have been an employee with them since then. I also have a Masters in Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA. From 2013 to 2015, I was the Medical Director for Ambulatory Quality, and starting January 1st 2016,

I accepted the role of the Program Director for Internal Medicine Residency at Henry Ford Macomb, Clinton Township.

During my various administrative roles, I have been a strong advocate for both physicians in training and working physicians.


The Physician Specialist Directory for the MAPI clinic has been updated. These physicians will see any patient referred to them for consultation from the MAPI clinic at no charge. They may offer a second opinion on established diagnosis or proceed to manage the patient’s problem. Any charges for subsequent management of the patient’s diagnosis, lab tests or radiolog will be determined between the patient and the specialist physician.

Allergy and Immunology Dr. Devang Doshi
Behavior Medicine Dr. K.C. Joseph
Breast Surgeon Dr. Nayana Dekhne
Cardiology Dr. Kirit Shah

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Dr. Sunil Rao

Dr. Anil Goel

Dermatology Dr. Usha Sood
Radiology Dr. Vidya Pai
Endocrinology Dr. Kirit Tolia
General Surgery Dr. Ram Kolachalam
Oncology & Hematology

Dr. Savitha Balaraman

Dr. Padmaja Venuturumilli

Infectious Disease Dr. Shivani Singh

Dr. Tom Madhavan


Dr. Talanki Viswanath

Dr. Preetham Reddy

Dr. Vamshi Garlapaty

Neurology Dr. Ram Garg

Dr. Chandrika Joshi

Dr. Vinita Sharma

Dr. Jyothi Nichanametla

Urology Dr. Sugandh Shetty
Pulmonary Dr. Sanjay Dogra

Those physicians who wish to add or delete their names from this list may please contact the MAPI clinic Medical Director, Dr. Swarn Rajpal

Co Chairs

Dr. Chandrika Joshi

Dr. Ram Garg.

Secretary & Treasurer

Dr. Ashok Jain