Message from Nimisha Naik

MAPI Auxiliary President 2018


Hello to all MAPI Auxiliary members. I am very excited to be President of MAPI Auxiliary for 2018.

I look forward to a dynamic year filled with many activities. Auxiliary will host events to bring together  everyone within MAPI  for a light hearted time that is sure to encourage more and deeper connections with each other. Our team will volunteer their time and efforts to help our community. We will also spend time to learn a few things along the way. We will bring our ideas, enthusiasm and efforts to do an excellent job at helping MAPI with their events and activities.

We welcome new members to join us and be a part of this lively and energetic group. Please sign up on our website:>Membership.

Thank you to everyone who have extended their best wishes to me. MAPI Auxiliary will make this year a success with the help and guidance of our past leaders.

Our name is Auxiliary; our goal is to do work that marks us Exemplary.




 Nimisha Naik


Punita Godbole 


 Rashmi Persaud

Mamtha Guduguntla-Past President

Priti Hukku

Jaya Arumanla

Mini Garg

Chana Singh

Manisha Garg, MD

Shubha Kolachalam

Suchi Rama

Babita Goyal

Mita Patel, DDS