Welcome to the website for the MAPI Charitable Clinic, a healthcare center for those in need that provides treatment for common medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and arthritis, to patients aged 18 years and older. All medical care is provided free of charge by highly qualified physicians of the Michigan Association of Physicians Indian Heritage (MAPI).

The MAPI Clinic serves recently discharged patients from the hospital in need of a primary care physicians; referrals from places of worship i.e. temple, mosque, church or gurudwara; parents, relatives and friends of foreign born residents; and, new arrivals to the United States from abroad.

Please note, however, the clinic does not provide emergency care and obstetrics services.

The Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (since renamed the Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage to better reflect its membership) established a Saturday medical clinic to serve the needy in Oak Park, Michigan, in 1996. Originally the clinic functioned out of the office of Dr Pramod Raval and subsequently from the office of Dr. Pratibha Modi.

A freestanding facility was acquired by FOMAPI (Foundation of the Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage) at the present location in Lathrup Village Michigan in 2012.



MAPI CLINIC Accomplishments

  • Total number of patients seen in 2016 = 346, 150% more than 2015 (Total patients seen in 2015 =138)
  • Installed Eye Care and Dental care rooms for new services
  • Established new free prescription service for formulary drugs
  • Established consistent schedule of quality primary care physicians
  • Established 15 Specialty referral services provided by 24 specialist physicians
  • Teaching provided to 91 Volunteer medical students from Wayne State, Oakland University, and high school students
  • Patient feed-back surveys consistent with very high satisfaction scores
  • Building improvements with resurfacing of the parking lot, upgrading the exterior of the building, and new landscaping

Message from President

President’s statement:

Harmesh Naik MDI look forward to the current year as a MAPI president.

Many of you have known me from my work as CME chairman for this organization when we affected a very positive change in CME.  We defined a smart strategy, set goals, enabled networking, built a team, got resources and empowered people to work hard and achieved defined goals.

I plan to follow the same work style and networking that made our CME efforts highly successful.

I do not promise anything; rather let the success speak for itself at the end of this year.

However, I do ensure one thing today:

My team and I will make the best effort to make 2022 a very productive and reenergizing year.

A great leader does not know it all.  He or she is just best at assembling a great team and bringing the best out of each team member for the good of the organization and everyone.  And I intend to follow this.  So come and join our team.  Please contribute great practical ideas and help us change them into tangible results.  Particularly the younger generation, I want to empower you and give you resources to make the changes that you want to see.

We will build upon the legacy and strength of over 40 years.  We will add more positive contributions to it.

Here, I will quote a famous Indian philosopher named Jiddu Krishnamurthy: “Tradition becomes our security and when the mind is secure, it is in decay”.

See, traditions are important as long as they do not become obstacle to further progress.  We must try to continue the progress forward.

This applies to MAPI as well.  It is time to reenergize and modernize for next 40 years.

I have already proposed the blueprint to MAPI leadership of my ideas and the path forward to bring meaningful change while keeping our traditions.

Hopefully, you will see many activities resumed after a long break during Covid and some new initiative implemented during this year.

So, please come and join us in this effort.  I hope I can count on your help throughout the year.  Let us continue to work hard to make our community and this world better place one day at a time.

With best of regards:

Harmesh Naik, MD.

MAPI President




Message from Auxiliary president

Hello Auxiliary friends,

Nimisha Naik

I am excited to be the Auxiliary President for 2022 and look forward to seeing everyone during the year.

We have spent the last two years caught in the Covid pandemic and are still not completely free from it. Our esteemed Mapi members have worked hard and selflessly to take care of all patients that have needed their care. The medical community has risen to the challenge of caring for all patients as well as working tirelessly to roll out effective vaccines against Covid. We all have done our part by wearing masks, social distancing and getting vaccinated and boosted. We have also given our help and support to our doctors who are our family members and prayed for their good health. With all this, there can only be better days ahead.

This year Auxiliary will continue all the usual activities that we have always enjoyed. I am planning to add a new activity which I hope will become an annual event. I ask for your support throughout the year and let us all make it a happy and healthy 2022.

MAPI Offices & Clinic


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