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Greetings on behalf of Michigan association of physicians of Indian heritage ( MAPI) CME committee.

MAPI conducts various educational activities each year through various professional channels and Continuing Medical Education (CME) meetings. MAPI CME meetings are highly attended and good avenue to ear CME credits and also network with your colleagues. MAPI CME meetings offers high quality presentations from experts in various disciplines. Past speakers have included renowned physicians and high-ranking officers of various national organizations, political leaders, and financial executives.

Our annual CME event has been transformed in last few years with new energy and enthusiasm. It is a popular event which has earned rave reviews from our membership for the quality and educational value of the presentations.

As part of an annual CME event, a research competition is held each year. We invite pre med/ medical students as well as residents and fellows to present their scholarly activity and research during this event. Highly qualified judges determine merits of each presentation and various prizes awarded in each defined category based on merits of presentations. This is a wonderful opportunity for any student or a doctor in training to allow them to get an early start on developing presentation skills and gain valuable experience in peer reviewed environment.

Throughout the year MAPI also holds many activities during which volunteering opportunities are available.

As dedicated members of CME team at MAPI, we are committed to providing excellent opportunities and guidance to our students and physicians in training encouraging them to learn and succeed in academics.

We invite you to be part of MAPI CME activities and bring new ideas on board to continuous;y improve our educational offerings.

MAPI is also heavily involved in community education and our members participate in variety of community events throughout the year. We will be delighted to arrange for a highly qualified physician speaker, if you are a medical organization or community organization or looking for a physician speaker for any of your events.

Please visit MAPI website throughout the year at mapiusa@org for submission timelines and how to participate in MAPI activities including annual CME, research competition and other vents.

You may contact Dr. Harmesh Naik or Dr. S. Balaraman for any additional information.

Best wishes

Dr. Harmesh Naik, MAPI CME Chair, 2017
Dr. Savitha Balaraman, MAPI President, 2017
Michigan association of physicians of Indian heritage


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